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Have purchased two sets from Nuwave and so far I experienced a have a 50% failure rate. I really like the PIC but the reliability of this product is questionable. One that went completely dead and other is faulting out with an error E9. Trying to find a fix item for these. The one failure occurred when I placed a large stainless steel pan on it to heat some water. The next thing I heard was a popping sound And then smelled an odor of burnt semi... Read more

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Ordered and extra purchases were added without my approval. Rep said i had to call cust service to get extra charges removed. Total scam. Read more

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I purchased the NuWave Pic buy one/get one offer off the internet from their site, they charge upgrade/shipping charges for everything. What would have cost $99 each for a PIC Gold in Walmart (I saw in person at the store) plus a free fry pan and lid individually cost me $229 with out the free cookware they advertise because I would not pay the extra shipping. If I had payed for all the costs of everything it would have ended at $269.00. Even... Read more

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I am told by nu wave I cannot get my nu wave 2 repaired. They will be happy to send me a new one for 99 plus shipping. I can do better than that from another source. It cooks fine until it guits. Nu wave needs to put this info in their literature

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very misleading on what you get. you can't really return because s&h is so high. paid $220, s&h was $100. If I return I would get nothing for $100. Customer service is worst. they literally yelled at me and hung up. Read all reviews, this company is horrible. Oh yea.. Since I had to keep I tried the product and does not work at all like advertised. I am seriously thinking about returning and at least getting half my money back. I did not... Read more

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Talked with Christine in Customer Service, she put in info and I should receive replacement in 5-7 business days. No Hassle, Christine took care of problem in a matter of minutes Read more

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I have had the pan about 2 years and now the food I cook sticks to the pan. I don't want to scratch the pan so I have to boil water and soap in it so I can clean it witch means the pan is very hot to clean. I do not need 100 words to tell you that I do not like the way I have to clean the pan after every time I use it now. The fact that you need 100 words when 45 or 50 words would cover the problem I have tells me you are not going to do... Read more

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We have bought 2 Nu Wave cookers. The 1st one was great, it saved a lot of electricity and time. We really used it all of the time, then the heating element went out, so we bought a 2nd one. The 2nd one does not cook as well as the first one did. It gets to a certain degree and it is like it quits cooking. We are disappointed in our present cooker. It doesn't stay hot & seems to take longer to cook the food. We are looking into a different... Read more

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Temperature Setting / Wattage Sear = 1500W Appliance cable size is 16/2 AWG which I find undersized for this appliance. NuWave PIC Gold is plugged into a 20A recepticle at kitchen area. However, the NuWave PIC Gold appliance plug at the end of the 16/2 AWG wire gets extremely hot (unable to hold onto the plug). I am in fear of fire and will eliminate the Sear = 1500W selection for this unit immediately. Thank you for your time and patience. Read more

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They made a big deal about the Duralon 2 coating but will not warranty it. With medium 220 degree heat it starts sticking after 6 months and they will not replace the pan. Be aware.

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